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It’s Holy Week! March 24, 2016

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Hey guys! Easter’s coming up and I just want to talk about the true meaning of this holiday. Some people think it’s all about the Easter bunny, egg hunts, and jelly beans. Actually, the true meaning of Easter is all about Jesus and his resurrection. This week is called “Holy week”. It’s a time where we are really supposed to focus on Jesus and get close to him. This is the week where he died and resurrected and then ascended into heaven. It all starts on Palm Sunday when Christ first visited Jerusalem and laid down Palm leaves before him. The next day is Holy Thursday, the day where the last supper took place which is called the Passover meal. The last supper was the last meal Jesus would have with his disciples. This is also the day when Jesus prays in the garden of Gethsemane.  The next day is Good Friday, which is the day where Jesus was hung on the cross. Lastly, there is Easter. The day where Catholics celebrate the resurrection of our Lord. These days summarizes Holy Week. I hope you know more about this special week, and enjoy your Easter. Bye!

 Happy Easter!


My Loose Tooth March 13, 2016

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I just got a loose tooth yesterday and the its literally dangling by a thread. All around the tooth is like completely disconnected from my gum but the nerve is still hanging on. I’m scared to pull it though cause I don’t want to damage anything. My mom said I have to go to the  dentist if it doesn’t fall out in the next week. I’m terrified of the dentist. I don’t want to get the tooth pulled out because most people say that the dentist doesn’t numb the tooth that well and that leaves me with all the pain. I’ve been wiggling this tooth for about two weeks now and it just now got loose enough where its dangling so I hope it falls out on it’s own. I’ll tell you what happens next week. I’m praying it falls out on it’s own. See ya!



C’mon! March 3, 2016

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So this morning I woke up for school hearing we were suppose to get about eight to twelve inches of snow in the night. Finally a snow day and no school!(That’s what I was thinking). Well I got home from school and mom came home from work three hours later. Dinner time came and the last thing I wanted to hear came out of her. “Oh, well, we are suppose to get one to three inches now” she said. I mean, really!!?? How do you get from twelve inches to three!? Do the weather reporters even know what the weather is going to be like, or do they crush a twelve year old’s hope of no school! I honestly think they make up the weather sometimes. I’m sick of this “global warming” thing that scientists claim is happening now. Ugh. I’m praying their wrong about the three inches. I’m so used to having at least two or three snow days every year and this year there has been none. What a dud. Do I really have to wait till next year for a snow day? Well, I guess I’ll see what really happens tomorrow.


Peoria Rivermen Hockey Game February 27, 2016

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Yesterday was the most incredible experience I have ever had! I went to a Peoria Rivermen hockey game with my three best friends Anna, Kieran, and Claire. It was Anna’s birthday as well as mine. We were also with her cousin. I don’t exactly remember her name. Anyway, there were a couple fights and that’s what I love about hockey. Also, there was this man a few rows behind us who was insulting the refs. He insulted the refs wife. The good part was we got front row seats! But that wasn’t all, we were caught on the big screen three times! We called it the birthday luck cause it is rare to be caught on the big screen. (It was my B-day as well).  My mom has a few pictures of us on the screen so I will try my best to upload them ASAP to my blog. It was the best birthday present EVA! I really hope I can go again soon to another hockey game. See ya!


Review for Fuller House

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I watched episode one and two today of Fuller House and I like it so far. Although I realized Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen weren’t involved in the first season. I think it would have been better if they were a part of it as well. But that didn’t make it bad.  Over all, the first few episodes I watched were really funny and have a lot of comedy in them, like the original Full house. It really follows the same feel of Full house, so I like it because it has the exact same characters as the original. Hope you watch it. But, before I end this post I would like to say that it is only a Netflix production. If you don’t have Netflix, you aren’t able to watch it. So anyway, I hope you enjoy it and I will try to finish it by this month if I am able to. See ya!


Fuller House! February 26, 2016

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Hey guys! I was sitting at my desk today and literally had no idea what to do. So I started playing my usual games like Akinator and AnimalJam. Then, I realized I hadn’t been on my blog for about six months and I should probably write a new post. My birthday is actually tomorrow so I’m very excited to be twelve years old! The only thing is, I was invited to a birthday party on the day of my birthday. We are going to a Riverman hockey game in Peoria Illinois. Many of my friends are coming as well. I’m just looking forward to the weekend. Fuller house comes out tomorrow so I am very excited to see Candace Cameran with the whole cast again! I’m going to watch Fuller House with my family on Saturday and I will give you the reviews. I can’t wait! See you soon!


Lorado Taft Field Trip October 7, 2015

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About a week ago classes sixth through eighth went on a field trip to Oregan Illinois to a camp called Lorado Taft. We spent two days and a half there, and we learned a lot about the man who was named after the campus. Lorado Taft was actually a man who grew up in Elmwood Illinois, he was an American sculptor, writer, and educator. People from Chicago came to Lorado Taft because of its beauty. Artists would come to see the wildlife and nature.

On our trip we took four outdoor educational classes, Ecology;Team Building; and Survival. Survival was my favorite. We were led deep into the forest and we rested at a river bank. Our instructor Mr. Hipes had given us  a mission. We had to simply build a shelter that would be water proof. We had to pretend we were the early people who had roamed in the forest and a storm would be arriving in forty five minutes. We were divided into five individual groups. Mine was lucky, one of my peers had mentioned they hap spotted clay by the river bank. We used the clay and packed it into the cracks in between the tree branches. We let the clay dry and harden to make it impossible for water to seep into the cracks. When the instructor had told us to stop building he got a bottle and filled it with river water, he poured water on everyone’s shelters to see if they were water proof. Ours had been.

On the first night at our time at Lorado Taft we had played  a game in the dark called “The Wolf Pack”. We were gathered in groups and were given ropes. We were filed in a line and the groups had to hold on to the rope. One group equaled one wolf, and all the groups had to find the Alpha Wolf (leader) by listening to the Alpha Wolf’s howl. If we were close to the Alpha we had to respond by howling to show we were close by. The first group to find the Alpha would win. I enjoyed the game but it became boring because the person guiding the group in the front of the rope had led us round’n’round in circles which had got me a bit annoyed. Did my group leader really not realize she was guiding us to nowhere!?

The second night we had started to a bonfire and roasted smores from the outdoor chimney. We also preformed plays in the light provided by the bonfire. We had rehearsed them in a drama class we had that day. We were given cards and we had to answer the questions it had asked on them. Our groups was “Why does the Skunk Smell So Bad?”. We had come up with plays that answered those questions. We acted them out and most of the plays that were preformed had lots of humor in them.

The last day had been so exciting. We played a survival game. We were given head bands which labeled if we were carnivores, herbivores, or omnivores. we had life chips as well, our mission was to eat animals who were lower than us in the food chain. There was no certain amount of animals you had to eat, if someone had tagged you, you were eaten. We had to give the person who tagged us one of our life chips, and our instructor had only given us three life chips maximum. I had been a omnivor, which I could only eat herbivores, not carnivores. I would have been able to in real life but the game required you to eat people lower in your food chain. I had survived at the end of the game, I had hidden beneath a bush with one of my peers to protect myself from predators.

     Lorado Taft had been really fun, but when it was time to leave I was so sad. I hated the thought of leaving, it had been the best field trip I had ever taken. I took many pictures to remember the time I spent there. When I arrived at home, my parents were so overwhelmed with stories that I had told them about Lorado Taft. I was so tired I fell asleep after dinner, it was the most accosting trip i had ever taken, but the most incredible experience.


Jesus July 20, 2015

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Hey guys! I will give you some tips about how to be a good Catholic, or Christian. One of the tips would be to go to mass on Sundays. It is good to go to mass, it helps you to grow a relationship with our Lord, and to know more about Him. It is good to have daily conversations with Him as well, talk to Him through prayer. Tell Him how your day was, and everything your thankful for. Practicing prayer will also grow your relationship with our Lord. Another tip would be to read the Bible, it will help you to know more about Him. I suggest to read the common stories in the Bible. Here are some common stories that might sound familiar to you { David and Goliath, Daniel and the Lions, The Story of Creation, and lastly The Story of Moses } The last tip I will give you is to share the word of Christ to everyone, tell them about our Lord and what he has done. That will strengthen our religion and gather more people to learn about Him and discover Him. Share what you believe to them, and if they chose to ignore you, that’s their choice. You can’t make someone believe in your faith if they reject it. Everyone has the right to believe in what they think is right. If you want to learn more about our Lord, ask me questions on the comment link down below, or try reading the Bible and see if it answers your questions. Thanks for reading! Bye!


I Won! January 28, 2015

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I participated in my school’s talent show today and sang a song called (The King Of My Heart). I have always liked the song ever since it came out and I heard it on the radio. I was really happy when I got that CD that had the song without lyrics for Christmas. So, I sang it for my schools talent show. When I got called up to sing the song I got so nervous I was sweating. But thanks to my friends and encouragement and support from my friends and my God I got up on stage and sang. The first time they played the music for the song I totally messed up! I was out of tune and it was so embarrassing, but I tried it again and I did it! I had the biggest applause of the whole show, and while I was singing almost the whole school started swaying and waving their hands. My mom says she heard one of the teachers say to her student that every time I sing I get better and better. I felt so happy that I did it! And I guess I was really good or I wouldn’t have gotten first place. And learned that with the help and support of your friends you can do anything, because they were the one’s who helped me practice and helped me rehearse. I am so proud of myself and I am definitely going to be in the talent show next year.


A Prayer Of Guidance To Believe-From My Catholic Youth Bible January 10, 2015

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Faithful God, help me to trust in you during times of disappointment and disillusion. I want to believe you are working in ways I cannot see. Please help my disbelief. For I know that you will honor my best efforts and make things come out right in the end.   Amen

>Exodus 5.22-23